Home Made

What do chefs cook at home? Home Made is a collection of 80 diverse recipes from Melbourne’s best cooks, chefs and restaurants, each selected to answer that question. With added insights and context, this is a book that will teach you how to cook, not just follow a recipe.

Many of the book’s recipes are quick and simple, such as Joseph Abboud’s (Rumi) smoky baba ganoush, Shane Delia’s (Maha) theatrical roast salmon and Andrew McConnell’s (Trader House Restaurants) weeknight prawn pasta. Others, such as Scott Pickett’s (Estelle) roast lamb shoulder and Hugh Allen’s (Vue de Monde) decadent lamington will take all day to prepare but are guaranteed to floor anyone who tastes them.

In between the main chapters (Snacks & Starters, Vegetables, Seafood, Poultry & Meat, Sides & Salads and Desserts) helpful features cover the fundamentals, such as how to organise a pantry properly, and which kitchen utensils are and aren’t worth dropping serious money on. Even which spirits and equipment you need to start a home bar.

Home Made epitomises the spirit of Melbourne now. It’s a cross-section of the city’s culinary diversity and creativity, capturing the warmth, optimism and sense of community that remain palpable on the streets.


Format: hardcover
Size: 255mm x 190mm
Pages: 320

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